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I feel like I learned so much working with Linda. Her wealth of knowledge is so amazing. I know I became a better writer. Working with Linda in Colorado felt like being in Switzerland for the week! Beautiful! Writer Jen Waters (June, 2013)

Welcome to the Linda Seger website. If you're a beginning or experienced writer, producer, director, or executive, you'll find much information here about my consulting, books, and seminars. My job is to identify, analyze, and help solve elusive script problems while nurturing your creative process. Whether you only have an idea or a completed script or are ready to begin filming, I can help you move your project to the next level.

If you're a spiritual person as a writer, or reader, you'll see that I have a very unique and very broad background that includes study, and practice, in theology as well as drama. Chances are, whatever your spiritual background or practice, I know something about it, and some of my writings or work may speak to it - whether through my consulting, speeches, or books. If you want to get your values and/or spirituality across in your writing, I can help you do that without getting preachy. You'll see a link to take you to those sites and those books.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to make arrangements to send me your script.

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